Contraception – women’s right to choose

Our right to choose – about contraception but also about all living matters. Thanks Dr Helena Lim for her views on contraception, we love to reblog it,

Dr Helena Lim


women with pills

Contraception – women’s right to choose

If anyone were to ask me which story I would like to share when it comes to stories on prescribing contraception, I would not hesitate to tell you my experience while training under the legendary Professor A.

Professor A is a famous senior professor attached to the unit where I was training to be an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist. She was one of the first female obstetricians in this country, who is highly respected and well loved for her integrity and discipline. In many ways she was my teacher and mentor. However, she was not the easiest boss to please: she expected nothing less than perfection from her trainees. I can still recall the days whereby I woke up at 5.00am every morning and arrive at the hospital at the wee hours of the day, woke patients up from their beds to obtain the…

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