1st Nepalese Women Expedition to K2

K2 Expedition 2014

“1st Nepalese Women Expedition to K2
K2 is the second-highest mountain on earth 8611m. This fact, however, doesn’t lessen his attraction: the huge sugar-loaf mountain with its clear lines, ruler over the confusing world of glaciers of the Karakorum range, is said to be the «mountain of mountains», the most beautiful and most challenging 8000m peak.
The women climbing for climate change: First Nepali Women Expedition on the top of the Himalayan Giant K2! A strong and dedicated team of three young women from Nepal will complete K2 summit in 3 months period. This team is fiercely dedicated to fighting climate change and sustainable development in Himalayas. They are committed to serving the Himalayan communities that introduced them to global world and helped them understand the causes for which they are climbing.
1st Nepalese Women Expedition to K2 team will start their journey from June2014 from Nepal to K2 Mountain. Local mountain guide will join the team on their climbs and travels. This journey will complete in three months period.
This event aims to achieve its long term goals of sustainable development and climate change adaptation and mitigation in Himalayan region. The fund raised will be used in Himalayan region of Nepal for the betterment of Mountain Environment and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation.”


Sources,  text between marks “..” and image credits are for:

k2 Expedition 2014 (http://k2expedition2014.org/home) And Misssion k2 Facebook Page




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